Thermal Camera


  • Thermal: 400*300   lens: 60mm
  • Visible: 2Mp  lens: 30X(6~ 180mm)
  • Support IVS, Fire detection
  • Support temperature measurement
  • Support SD card, max 256G
  • Audio: 1 in/1 out  Alarm: 7 in/2 out

Reasons to Include Thermal Cameras into Your Security System

Thermal cameras are an excellent way to update your security system. Equipped with the latest FLIR technology, thermal cameras capture images based on the head they radiate instead of visible light. Due to this, they are useful both during the daytime and night.

This also allows them to see through interferences such as smoke, dust, and light foliage. This technology also improves motion tracking – only heat sources that move trigger alerts, instead of things like branches. They are also compatible with remote viewing technology.

False alarms go up very rarely as the high contrast thermal imagery enables motion detection which is triggered by moving heat sources. Tree branches do not radiate any heat so there is no risk of an alarm going up because of the motion. The DVR can be connected with the smart device that you use and this enables push notification.

A New Way of Surveillance

Thermal cameras detect heat and not light, setting apart notable things like humans or vehicles from their surroundings is easier. Background surroundings are always much colder, so there is an easy to spot contrast. This makes false alarms rarer.

Around-The-Clock Surveillance

Because of the way they work, thermal cameras are unaffected by the time of day and weather. It doesn’t matter whether it’s night or day, or whether it’s raining or cloudy. This allows you to set up a system that will be reliable in any possible condition.

No Way to Hide

Thermal cameras cannot be fooled by hiding behind a bush or blending in with surroundings. There isn’t a method that intruders can use to disguise themselves effectively.

Longer Operational Range

Thermal energy travels faster than visible light. Therefore, thermal cameras can detect objects from greater distances. This gives you more time to respond or figure out what to do. By giving you more reaction time, it increases the odds of handling a situation.

Better Motion Detection

Using thermal cameras can reduce the incidence of false alarm events by a huge percent. Only moving heat sources can trigger the motion detection system, so there is a smaller chance that the alarm will go off because of inanimate objects. This can help save you from some of the panic-filled moments every month.

A Great Addition

This technology can be integrated into IP or MPX systems. It serves as a great addition to HD camera technology. When combined with existing systems, you achieve efficiency in both scope and detail. Thermal cameras aren’t meant to replace traditional ones, but instead to supplement them. Combining both approaches into your security system can improve it greatly.

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