Access Control / Intercom System

We specializes in the design and installation of traditional and cloud based access control systems for commercial properties, offices, apartment buildings and condos. Our modernized solutions accommodate basic functionality while extending remote management  capabilities. System operators are able to encode special emergency cards or master cards to give certain personnel, including security or maintenance workers, access to selected doors in a given area at a given time. Among the other advantages of this system are:

  • Re-key Free Access Management
  • Remote System management
  • Dual frequency on single card capability
  • Automatic card/access expiration profiles
  • System programmable by zone and time
  • Singles entry guest access functionality with immediate access expiration


Recent addition to the door-hardware in our custom designed systems is the use of a proximity card that utilizes radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. This card replaces magnetic, bar code and barrier ferrite cards. The upgrade to full contactless access infrastructure reduces card and access hardware wear and tear dramatically saving you on replacement costs and service hours.

Additional benefits is the ability to provide vehicle tracking during point of entry while avoiding the need to come to a full stop for physical contact with the terminal. System administrators are able to update card credentials/codes when it is within the range of a transmitter.


We believe in a multi-layered approach to security solution architecture. Access control systems are a key component of any advanced commercial security system, enchanting the overall security rating of the infrastructure and user experience. Integration of such solutions into your technology stack should be considered a top priority.


Our custom designs access control solutions provide a secure and controlled environment across various facility types while improving  the experience for staff, residence, property managers and many other end users.

Changing how you manage entrance can save your organization time and money. Making the switch from mechanical to digital control door security is easier than you think. Invest into a simpler, more flexible and efficient security management.

Advantages of our Access Control Systems:

  • Functionality redundancy during power outages through utilization of power backup solutions
  • Multi-level management of access privileges based on areas, time and individual level
  • AI automation to help reduce FTE while maintaining effectiveness of the overall system
  • Ongoing systems support provided by us during exploitation


Safeguarding your company’s assets is critical for success whether you operate with confidential documents or valuable equipment. Even if you have countless workers, an access control system can grant or deny access with one click.


So, what is so special about the Access Control System?

Access can be controlled using card readers or mobile devices, Eye/Face Recognition Biometric Access Control, Multi-level Fingerprint readers.


An employer can choose the type of access system will only permit access to those individuals that you have authorized.


Traditional lock systems can become overwhelming when it comes to multiple buildings/campuses/sites. With cloud-based access, there would be no problem authorizing access to multiple locations at once, even if they are located far from each other.


The system must be always monitored by authorized professionals, to prevent any flaws in safety. In times of emergency, the power in the building might shut down unexpectedly. In that case, the system can be switched to a battery power source and continue working as usual.


The client isabelt to easily monitor the productivity of staff and create more flexible work hours. If someone shows up early or stays late, the management wouldn’t have to physically be present to assure that the office was securely locked.


Access Control System will assist you in creating a safe and productive environment, where tasks are done professionally, on time, and with minimum physical supervision.

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