PTZ Security Cameras With Optical Zoom And Tracking

View Your World from Every Angle with PTZ Camera

PTZ Security Cameras give you the ability to easily monitor large areas without having to use more than one camera. The security cameras are remotely accessible due to the pan-tilt module, but the best thing about it is the fact you can access your cameras remotely with our mobile apps and gain full control from anywhere around the globe!

You no longer have to worry about those annoying slow cameras because the PTZ Cameras have vastly improved panning speeds and tilting is smooth, crisp and quick.

Your PTZ Camera also has continuous 360° rotation allowing for fast movement and incredibly easy focus on any item in the viewing area. All PTZ Cameras come equipped with the optical zoom feature which provides you with an ability to focus on tiny details like car plates or people’s faces, making it your perfect tool for maintaining the security of your property. Lorex Technology offers a wide variety of PTZ Camera models, serving you with analog security DVRs, HD DVRs and HD NVRs.

Most PTZ Security Cameras come with customizable viewing and rotating patterns that you can change and adapt to your environment or by your liking, but many models also have various pre-installed default viewing tours if you prefer leaving it to us. With these qualities, a single PTZ Camera is more versatile and can replace several standard security cameras still yielding better results.

It is ideal for indoor and outdoor areas, considering you never have to manually move it in order to take a look at different fields of vision. Let Lorex change your perception of monitoring and security of your home or business premises, upping your surveillance system to a whole new level of thorough and reliable with all-seeing cameras that never let you miss anything.

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