Visual Alarm Monitoring and Surveillance

We offer a Visual Alarm Monitoring and Surveillance Solution that Works for you.

Whether you’re looking for a system for your home or business, the need for a modern, comprehensive security system has never been greater.

No matter what alarm system you purchase, our Visual Alarm Monitoring platform will further enhance the security of your property. We give business owners and homeowners the extra peace of mind they desire.


– Extremely accurate Al human detection eliminates false alarm/dispatch;
– A universal video module compatible with all alarm panels & delivers video into monitoring centers.
– Allows to create video events with any zone, relay input, or video analytics.
– Live & event video within 3 seconds of an alarm activation.

– Operator-controlled audio messages to the protected site.
– Operator-controlled relays lighting, gates, doors, sirens, extra.
– Shared access with security agents & guard service teams.

– Provides operators with live video and Pre / Post video from all paired cameras.
– All data connections and video from the premises to the Central Station are encrypted with SSL/TLS.

Visual Alarm Detection

We give customers and monitoring agents precise real-time video when an alarm occurs. Knowing the criminal threat ensures an accurate police response.

What is Visual Alarm Monitoring?

Visual Monitoring provides alarm monitoring centers with proactive visual awareness of critical incidents with the on-site video system and detection devices, giving agents access to the event video of a triggered security zone and live video access to cameras on the site. It combines the speed and dependability of the Bridge and detection devices with the visual information available from a video system. In real-time, a responding agent is virtually driven to the scene of the crime in the Monitoring portal. From there, they gain a visual understanding of what activated the security system and have situational awareness by watching live video on cameras. This accurate understanding allows the agent to understand the differences between a high threat alarm, “a crime in progress,” and a low threat alarm, “caused by animals, employees or other conditions. We provide customers with a smarter security system by leveraging on-site video systems and the accuracy of security zones, resulting in higher level of service then traditional monitoring or video surveillance systems.

Where does Visual Alarm Monitoring Make Sense?

The value of seeing an alarm is noticed in any location where the security of property and or people is critical, from rural areas where the response is often delayed or inaccurate, to locations where employee safety is a high concern. Giving the monitoring center agent, who has direct access to dispatch first responders, live video on the scene ensures an accurate and timely response. In locations like jewelry stores, banks, and small convenience stores, Visual Monitoring is effective in securing property, but more importantly, it enhances employee safety by pairing emergency panic buttons, with live video access to the monitoring station. On accounts where the business equipment is stored outside, Visual Monitoring is used to prevent theft and vandalism, saving a business owner countless money in lost productivity and replacement costs.

Visual Alarm Monitoring improves response, deterrence, and apprehensions by creating comprehensive security with video on any location where real-time video serves a customer’s need.

Deterrence and Prevention

With visual awareness, detection zones can be moved to exterior locations, extending your security perimeter away from your building. Protecting exterior assets and reducing the possibility of vandalism or intrusion.

How does it work?

The solution can link your alarm system and security cameras and create a comprehensive video alarm system or use the video analytics of your camera and give you proactive video monitoring. Both are connected to your alarm monitoring center for professional visual alarm monitoring. Providing monitoring agents instant access to see what caused an alarm, is the difference between apprehending a criminal and just reviewing footage of the crime the next day. You can choose around-the-clock monitoring, or you can reserve monitoring for designated times. When an alarm occurs, agents have instant access to video to visually verify what caused the alarm.

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