We are an established CCTV and Security Systems Installers who endeavor to provide our customers with the best services and highest quality security camera systems. Our mission is to ensure that many people get the best security cameras for their safety at home, places of business among other locations. We acknowledge that the world continues to change and it is quite unfortunate that not everyone is changing for the better with everyday news of an increasing crime rate. We thus take it upon ourselves to help secure people by providing them the best security camera systems in the market.

Consumers are forced into a dilemma having to choose among a variety of options when it comes to security surveillance. We, Wireless Cameras Solutions, envision bringing forward a more dynamic and simple market place that allows customers to choose the best and high quality technological products at rates that are competitive without the need to hassle through massive catalogues. Our team is highly qualified and trained to provide the customer with well-informed advice, professional service and guidance in both the acquisition and installation of these security cameras.

Most of our products include the Internet Protocol Camera Power over Ethernet (IP POE Camera) that is a digital video camera employed for surveillance only whose camera sends and receives data through a computer network and the internet. We provide both the centralized and decentralized IP cameras. We also provide CCTV cameras that are used for transmitting signals to specific places on a limited monitor set. Also available is the High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) Camera that entails an analogy high definition standard video transmission over a coaxial cable and employs progressive scanning supporting 4k resolution. Our security cameras are better suited for Home and Business because they give you a 24-hour surveillance with high quality images that are recorded digitally. Furthermore, our systems allow you to have video surveillance from your phone or PC ensuring that you can watch your home or business as comfortably as ever.

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