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Barn Security Cameras Installation

If you are here in search of a capable barn camera, then you are on the right page. About 20 years ago, the idea for barn cameras was born, and with constant refinements, we have developed our tech to the award-winning barn camera we sell today.

We offer you the following types of barn camera systems:



Why should you buy a barn camera?

A barn security camera is the best way to protect your expensive investments. It’s virtually impossible to be at your barn every time; however, with a barn camera, you can be there even when you are not. Incidences such as birth, hauling, emergencies, and security can all be handled with a Barn Security Cameras offering you much needed peace of mind.

A barn security camera is an easy-to-use video monitoring system that can be used to monitor proceedings from anywhere. You can control your horse barns, cattle enclosures, puppy pens, and even exotics remotely with a barn security camera. As an animal owner, we are sure that you value your animals. Then, Barn Security Cameras are the way to go. No longer would you have to miss a birth or a project that requires your attention. We have thousands of our systems in use in different locations around the world — a pointer to the fact that we offer the best system designs, sales, and additional support.

We have wireless barn security cameras that use the latest in wireless tech to make installation and use easy. Our cameras make use of a 2.4 Ghz system that penetrates through thick floors and walls. Extra high power transmitters are used to make sure that our systems can be placed up to a mile away from your viewing screens.

You don’t have to worry about buying a new television. Our cameras can be hooked up to your regular models. We also offer barn camera systems for metal barns, providing you with a high color resolution at the very least. Audio and infrared capabilities are also included at no extra charge.

Once your barn security camera is up and running, we can help you connect it to the internet so that you can watch it away from home. All you would need is a working internet connection, an encoder or a Web Cam kit. We can get a complete internet package running for you in no time.

Comments from other people

We bought a Barn Security Cameras from you just the other year. Our operations are in Toronto, and it has been one of the best investments we have ever made. We have never had any issues with the barn security camera and are very satisfied. Not only has it saved us the hassle of always going out to check the animals, but it has also saved the lives of quite a few. Thank you for offering us such a high-quality product – Julie C.

Thank you very much for your barn security camera. It saved the life of a foal. We live in Newmarket, and two broodmares were ready to foal. We had just installed a barn camera complete with web access. We traveled out of our country since our mares weren’t expected to foal until May ends. However, one of them foaled prematurely. Luckily, our sister was watching the camera and witnessed the birth of the mare. She was able to call in a vet to help with the birth of a healthy filly. The mare is doing very well, and we can’t thank you enough- Sharon G.

We just installed a metal barn cam last weekend, and we already love it. It is an awesome system. We won’t be having any baby horses until March, and we can’t wait. The picture quality of the camera is sharp, and we didn’t even realize it had sound. Thank you very much – Marie B.

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