Long Range Security Cameras

Selecting the Best Long Range Outdoor Security Camera

Long range cameras allow you to view and record ultraclear videos miles away from the point at which they are mounted. To monitor a long driveway, your barn, your farm, a large parking lot, and yards, a long-range wireless camera is your best bet. They are very functional and can offer you both day and night recording capabilities.

Long range outdoor security cameras are hugely useful. However, selecting one for purchase can be a tough prospect. There are different factors that you have to take into consideration. Keep reading to see what we mean.

Factors that make up an excellent long-range security camera

Four factors make up an excellent long-range outdoor camera with wireless capabilities. They include:

  • High definition picture quality
  • Superior night viewing capabilities
  • Optical zooming lens
  • Long range WiFi

Why don’t we discuss these factors in more detail?

  1. High definition picture quality

Most cameras today offer users better video quality than older surveillance equipment. Today you can get an IP camera that gives you 1080p, 4MP and 5MP picture quality. For cameras that will be used to cover large areas, over large distances, you need high picture quality.

So what quality of high definition should your long range camera have? Will a 1080 IP security camera be enough to identify a license plate and people 200 meters away? To answer this question, all you have to do is calculate the pixels per foot (PPF) of your security camera, and you will be able to determine the distance capabilities of your camera accurately.

The PPF capabilities of your camera are obtained by diving the resolution height by the exact measurements of your field of view. Generally, a long-range security camera needs at least 40 PPF to identify facial identities and plate numbers over long distances.

  1. Superior night viewing capabilities

It is never enough for your long-range wireless camera to have daytime viewing capabilities. Sometimes, you may also need video monitoring at night, especially if your long-range camera is to be mounted in an area that is devoid of street lights. A long range camera without night vision is virtually useless.

The night picture quality of your long-range outdoor camera decides how clear your picture will be in dark conditions and low light scenarios. Night vision cameras have IR light that is used to identify persons and events in low light. Usually, the higher the quality of the IR lights your camera has, the clearer the video and picture quality of your long-range camera even in poor light.

  1. Optical zooming lens

Long range outdoor cameras are equipped with a varifocal zooming lens as opposed to a fixed lens. A varifocal lens allows long range cameras to zoom in optimally to give you great detail. They can also zoom out to allow you to view a wider expanse of land.

When buying a long range camera, buy one with optical zoom capabilities. This is more advanced than digital zoom. Digital zoom destroys your video quality while an optical zoom doesn’t have this effect.

Usually, long-range outdoor surveillance cameras have 4× optical zoom capabilities with 2.8 mm – 12 mm zoom lens combined with viewing angles that range from 36 – 100 degrees. When choosing a long-range outdoor camera, consider the expanse of your outdoor area. Generally, they work well when monitoring parking lots, front yards and identifying car license plates.

  1. Long range WiFi

Wireless cameras are usually more convenient than wired long-range cameras. Signal strength and connectivity are two of the most critical factors to be considered with a long-range outdoor camera with WiFi capabilities.

The best wireless long-range security camera for outdoors are those with dual-band wireless capabilities. They allow for long-range radio signals as well as video transmission over 10km. They can be installed in an open area as far away from the control room as their WiFi range allows.

If your long-range outdoor camera can’t reach your control rooms, you might want to explore installing a 4G cellular security camera. They work as a perfect solution to long distance surveillance without the hassle of WiFi and wires.

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