Pet Camera

Pet Camera Installation

Over time, your four-legged furry friends come to be a vital part of your life and family. With this in mind, we understand just how difficult being away from them for any length of time can be.

Luckily pet cameras have been developed to make your time away from your pets a little bit easier. At CCTV Systems, we offer pet cameras that allow you to keep watch over your pets with just the push of a button. These cameras are equipped with internet capabilities and can be connected to your smartphone. You may be thousands of miles away from your pet, but with a pet camera, you can still be present.

Sometimes referred to as pet monitor cameras, they allow you to monitor the activities of your pet. If your pet has a troublesome history, a pet monitor camera can help you keep them in line even in your absence.

Pet Camera

Some of the best feature CCTV System pet cameras offer you include:

Interactive Pet Cameras

Our pet cameras allow you to talk to as well as interact with your pets remotely. A 2-way audio talkback system is paired with video qualities of up to 1080p HD to allow you to see, talk to your pets and hear them.

Monitor your pets

Peace is of mind should not be underestimated when it comes to your pets. Our pet monitor cameras mean that you can check in on your pets anytime you feel a longing, all with the push of a button.

Sound alerts

Some CCTV System pet cameras offer sound and motion detecting systems. These systems can alert you of events happening in your absence. They are perfect pet monitor cameras to keep your pet out of trouble.

Stylish pet cameras

Our pet cameras are designed to fit into the decor of your home. Portable and stylish, you can mount them on a tripod or place them on a platform. The choice is yours.

The safety and relationship you have with your pet does not have to be compromised by your absence. Get a pet camera from CCTV Systems today!

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