Wireless WiFi Access Point Security Cameras

IP Camera Wireless Access Point

The demand for wireless access point cameras is increasing every day. The security that surveillance cameras offer you cannot be estimated. However, more and more people are switching from wired cameras to those with a wireless access point.

At CCTV Systems, we recognize the need for security cameras that use a WiFi access point. That is why we offer you a wide range of wireless access point cameras that are designed to be used for professional video surveillance.

We offer you cameras with excellent image quality using a scan sensor and new age image processing. These cameras use a wireless access point to connect to your control rooms meaning that their pictures can be accessed remotely, via the internet.

Our wireless access point cameras are great for use in schools, hotels, offices, hotels, retail stores, and university campuses. They are already being used in different locations all around the country to good effect — a testament to the quality of our sales and installation service.

Some of the top-notch features of our wireless access point cameras include:

  • Ultra-clear pictures
  • Sound capabilities
  • Wide coverage
  • WiFi access point compatibility
  • Low light vision
  • Loudspeaker connectable

Here at CCTV Systems, our wireless access point cameras offer you extensive coverage. Bundles are also sold with antennas and housing units that allow for outdoor installation. Step away from the inconvenience of wired camera systems and buy a wireless camera surveillance system from us today!

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